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Magic Fix

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Lipstick fixative for kiss-proof lips     Fixes your lipsticks... more

Product information "Magic Fix"

Lipstick fixative for kiss-proof lips

  •     Fixes your lipsticks
  •     Makes lipstick kiss-proof, long-lasting and waterproof
  •     No lipstick leakage

Product description
Lips are for kissing, so make your lipstick kiss-proof! Magic Fix coats your lips like an invisible protective layer and fixes your lipstick. The natural active ingredients prevent the lipstick from discolouring and leaking into the lip wrinkles. Essential oils provide extra care. Bergamot oil with its fruity, flowery, warm scent has a balancing and relaxing effect, and lavender oil with its floral scent and woody facet has a calming and nurturing effect. As if by magic, the Magic Fix conjures up a kiss-proof and waterproof lipstick. Guaranteed to leave no residue on cups, glasses and shirt collars! So the lipstick stays where it belongs!

The most important ingredients and their effect:

  •     Bergamot oil has a balancing and relaxing effect.
  •     Lavender oil has a calming and nourishing effect on the lips

Use your contour and lipstick as usual. Then dab off excess lipstick colour with a paper towel. Apply Magic Fix all over, covering the lip contour. This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding. You may feel a slight tingling sensation for a few moments, as this is a natural reaction to the alcohol contained in the lipstick. Let the Magic Fix dry for a few seconds with your lips slightly open. Clean the Magic Fix brush thoroughly with a paper towel after each use. You can remove Magic Fix with an oil-based cleansing product.

Note: Magic Fix is not suitable for setting particularly creamy or glossy textures, such as Color Lip Shine. However, it is perfect for fixing the Perfect Color Lipstick and the Art Couture Lipstick velvet. Eating oily foods can also reduce the effect of Magic Fix.

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