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Magnetic Lashes Applicator

Magnetic Lashes Applicator

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 Applicator for quick and easy application of magnetic eyelashes    ... more

Product information "Magnetic Lashes Applicator"

 Applicator for quick and easy application of magnetic eyelashes

  •     Easy and quick application of magnetic eyelashes
  •     No shifting of the magnetic lashes
  •     Also suitable for the application of band lashes

Product description
Never before have artificial eyelashes been so easy and quick to apply and remove. The Magnetic Lashes Applicator makes applying magnetic lashes even easier, and without any glue! The tweezer-like curved applicator wraps around the natural lash line, grips the Magnet Lashes and allows them to be applied precisely and as close to the lash line as possible. The magnetic strips in the applicator prevent the Magnet Lashes from shifting during application. However, thanks to the practical shape of the applicator, normal strip lashes with glue can also be applied perfectly to the lash line. Your lashes will blend together and no one will know that these stunning lashes are not real!


  •     Step: Attach the upper lashes to the upper magnetic strip of the applicator.
  •     Step: Attach the lower lashes to the lower magnetic strip of the applicator. Attention. In both steps, make sure that the magnets of the eyelashes and those of the applicator are facing each other!
  •     Step 1: Place your own natural lashes centrally between the magnetic lashes and press the magnetic lashes together. Then loosen the applicator again to connect the upper and lower magnetic lashes. Your own eyelashes and the strip lashes should now sit between the magnets of your fake lashes.

Attention! After pressing on the applicator, open it directly at this point - do not pull it away to the front.

EXTRA tip: Can also be used with strip lashes. Simply take the strip lash out of the package, grasp it with the applicator in the centre of the lash, apply the glue as usual and stick it onto your own lashes.

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