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Eyebrow Powder

€4.74 *
Content: 0.8 g (€592.50 * / 100 g)

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 Eyebrow powder for natural eyebrows     Powder in a practical... more

Product information "Eyebrow Powder"

 Eyebrow powder for natural eyebrows

  •     Powder in a practical magnetic pot
  •     For natural styling and definition
  •     Fills in small gaps evenly

Product description
Bushy eyebrows are not your thing? Then the Eye Brow Powder is perfect for you! It gives you natural styling and yet defines your brows perfectly! The powder makes the eyebrows look very even and with a combination of several colours, you can create a perfect colour match. It is ideal for quickly and easily shaping your eyebrows to perfection, completing any eye make-up and emphasising the contours of your face. It will definitely add expressiveness to your eyes!

Pick up the eyebrow powder with a brush applicator and apply in the direction of the hairs. It's best to trace the contours of your brows beforehand. Optionally, you can also use an eyebrow template. Select the eyebrow template that matches the eyebrow, place it on the eyebrow and fix it in place with your thumb and forefinger. Then pick up the eyebrow powder with the brush applicator and apply it inside the recess of the template. Repeat the process on the other brow by rotating the template. Before doing so, remove any powder residue from the stencil with a paper towel.

Professional tip: For a very natural look, you can comb the eyebrows lightly with the eyelash brush to remove excess powder.

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