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Camouflage Cream

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 A cover-up make-up with variable finish        ... more

Product information "Camouflage Cream"

 A cover-up make-up with variable finish

  •         Cover-up make-up with variable coverage for pigmentation disorders, tattoos and redness
  •         Extremely long-lasting and waterproof in combination with Fixing Powder
  •         Suitable for the Beauty Box - refillable

Product description
A concealer you can count on! The Camouflage Cream covers skin imperfections perfectly and reliably, making it ideal for special occasions. All colours can be mixed with each other, which makes it possible to match the skin tone exactly. The cream is also suitable as long-term make-up and lasts very well even at high temperatures. It has very strong coverage and becomes waterproof with the application of setting powder. Depending on the amount applied, you can achieve light to very strong coverage. The camouflage pans can be stored together with the spatula in the practical magnetic boxes. This way you can collect different colours and use them individually to perfect your facial features!

For a long-lasting, even finish, use a camouflage in your skin tone. The Premium Quality Make-up Brush is perfect for picking up the camouflage with the tip and applying it to the entire face. We recommend that you use a skin care product that is appropriate for your skin type beforehand. For a precise skin tone adjustment, you can also mix different camouflage shades on the back of your hand and then apply.

Professional tip: Targeted concealing and neutralising

  •         For neutralising redness, use green-tinted Camouflage No. 1.
  •         No. 8 is ideal for pigmentation disorders and bluish skin areas.
  •         For highlighting & concealing, we recommend No. 2 or No. 8.
  •         No. 15 is ideal for refreshing and highlighting the eye areas.
  •         No. 30 is ideal for contouring and thus beautifully modelled facial features.
  •     The ARTDECO Concealer Brush is ideal for concealing and neutralising. You can also achieve smudge-proof and waterproof durability with our transparent Fixing Powder.


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