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Hydra Care Lipstick

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Content: 3.5 g (€317.71 * / 100 g)

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Nourishing lipstick with soft colour     Triple care effect... more

Product information "Hydra Care Lipstick"

Nourishing lipstick with soft colour

  •     Triple care effect
  •     Medium coverage for a natural look
  •     Regular use can reduce lip lines

Product description
This lipstick does your lips triple good! The Hydra Care Lipstick combines two nourishing textures in one! The two outer strips of the lipstick contain an Indian plant extract and a special peptide made from jojoba oil with pomegranate blossom extract. This combination ensures supple, soft and visually plumped lips. The subtle colour of the lipstick melts when applied with the transparent middle strip of moisturising hyaluronic acid and glucomannan. This cobination gives the lips a natural look and also ensures that they do not dry out, which is perfect especially in the winter months! This natural lip look is simply to fall in love with!

The most important ingredients and their effect:

  •     Indian plant extract (Swertia chiarata) and jojoba oil give the lips a supple, soft feel
  •     Pomegranate blossom extract regenerates particularly mature, dry skin and makes it supple and soft.
  •     Hyaluronic acid acts as a filler and provides moisture
  •     Glucomannan moisturises and makes lips look natural

Apply the lipstick to the lips. The transparent stripe in the centre blends with the outer coloured stripes during application, creating an even colour result.

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