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Magnetic Lashes

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Reusable magnetic eyelashes - Easy to apply without glue     Reusable... more

Product information "Magnetic Lashes"

Reusable magnetic eyelashes - Easy to apply without glue

  •     Reusable magnetic eyelashes
  •     Innovative 3-point click system
  •     Easy to apply - without glue

Product description
Maximum volume and lengthening in seconds - with Magnetic Lashes this is no longer a dream. Never before have you been able to apply and remove artificial eyelashes so easily and quickly - without any glue or remover (therefore also suitable for beginners). Magnetic Lashes are artificial eyelashes made of high-quality synthetic hair with integrated mini magnets. The artificial lashes are very light and therefore hardly noticeable on your own lashes. For long, curved and voluminous lashes in seconds, Magnetic Lashes are the right choice. They add that certain something with a touch of glamour to your make-up.

Our make-up tip "Extending eyelashes" illustrates how easy it is to apply and remove the Magnetic Lashes, let yourself be convinced!
The eyelashes are attached to the finished eye make-up. One pair of lashes is used per eye.
The correct placement of each partial lash on the eye is marked in the tin. Step 1: The upper eyelash is placed on top of your own outer lash line. Step 2: The lower partial eyelash is placed parallel to it from below with the eye open. When the magnets meet, they attract each other and enclose their own lashes. The magnetic attraction then keeps them in their attached position.

EXTRA TIP: The AD Applicator for Magnetic Lashes makes application even easier!
Removal: To remove the lashes, grasp the magnets with your thumb and forefinger and then slide them until the magnets have separated. Then carefully pull off the lashes.
If the magnetic lash does not fit perfectly, then it can be repositioned very gently again and again without smudging the eye make-up.

Hints and tips:

  •     The positioning of each pair of lashes should be placed in the outer half of the natural lash line - this will give you the most beautiful finish.
  •     Please make sure that the curvature of both lash bands goes upwards to the outside.
  •     The application of the magnetic lashes requires a little practice at first, but after a few attempts it is usually very easy.
  •     Before attaching the lashes, they can be individually shortened or adjusted with a small pair of scissors.
  •     To prevent the Magnetic Lashes from being damaged in the long term, they should not be mascaraed or shaped with an eyelash curler after application.
  •     Do not use metallic tweezers.
  •     The product should be kept out of the hands of children. Contains magnets or magnetic components. Consult a doctor immediately if magnets are swallowed.
  •     Persons using hearing aids, pacemakers or defibrillators should not use or come into contact with this product.

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