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Lash & Brow Power Serum

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Content: 8 ml (€198.75 * / 100 ml)

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Care balm for eyelashes and brows     Visually thicker, longer and better... more

Product information "Lash & Brow Power Serum"

Care balm for eyelashes and brows

  •     Visually thicker, longer and better cared for eyelash and brow hairs
  •     Protection against daily wear and tear
  •     Ultimate care to strengthen the resistance, elasticity and natural growth of the hairs

Product description
Give your lashes and brows the ultimate boost! Whether it's resistance, elasticity or support for natural growth - the Lash & Brow Power Serum combines all these properties to provide optimum care for your lashes and brows. With regular care, daily stresses such as mascara and cleaning no longer pose a threat. Sensitive hairs gain more elasticity and resistance and break less. The transparent gel also protects your lashes and brows for healthy regeneration and natural full-length growth. Your overall appearance will be visually thicker, longer and more well-groomed after just a few weeks of regular use! From the roots to the tips, the repair balm nourishes and strengthens your hairs and gives them new shine and suppleness. Thanks to the valuable ingredients, the eyelash and brow hairs are cared for all along their length. The nourishing formula coats individual hairs with the soft Pedex fibres of the brush, which has a particularly round, smooth surface and different fibre lengths. Thanks to the tapered tip, not only can small lashes in the corners of the eyes be optimally captured, but it is also possible to apply the brush to specific points on the eyebrows for the targeted treatment of thinning areas.
The most important ingredients and their effect:

  •     Hyaluronic acid ensures a smoother and more supple appearance thanks to the optimal regulation of the moisture balance of the hairs.
  •     Keratin ensures elasticity and resilience of the hairs for optimal protection against stresses and strains
  •     Panthenol and allantoin improve moisture retention and restore shine, softness and body to damaged hairs.
  •     Biotin ensures healthy hair and arginine stimulates hair metabolism
  •     Glycerine from a vegetable source ensures excellent smoothness and suppleness of the hair structure through optimal moisture retention.

Apply the serum once a day, ideally in the evening after cleansing, to dry, cleansed and absolutely oil-free lashes. Make sure that the serum does not get into your eye.

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